If you are looking for a fully automatic steam producer, then you came to the right place!
Of course such revolutionising constructions are not developed in one day. After a long period of development we been the pioneer nearly 50 years ago in making the first long-lived  stainless boilers and pushing a TÜV epertise because at that time - there was no regulation and law for stainless steam boilers avaiable.
Totally automatic working - Impulsa VULCAN.


Electronically the water filling-in is steered, costly by using 2 electrodes for your security and for a long life of the heating. This is valid for the version with direct connection to the water pipe as well as for the one with the additionally delivered water supply container.

AAll devices from 4 bar on should be equipped with a large motor-driven pump and a thermo protection. Proofed by „TÜV“ and not in the duty of supervision. Beside the electronic all devices are at the disposal of a double control. Pressostat and Thermocontrolthis is seldom but ensures low costs of maintenance.

The electronic is on a plug-in card - so it‘s easy to convert. That is the latest development.Stable steampressure - pressure is controlled with a switching adjustment +/- 0,2 bar.

Large opening for the fill-in of the de-liming.
Outlet for the de-liming.
The fill-in assembly with solenoid valve and nonreturn valve. Simple using - no installation.
Steam pressure: 3 - 7 bar avaiable. The use of distillated water is not necessary. The kettle made of stainless steel can comfortable be deslimed and a 2-monthly desliming can easily be  done  by using the large fill-in hopper. Position of the water is optically shown - display by using control diodes. A panoramic isolation wastes no energy.
The heating up period is quoted at 8 to 15 min.

The lifespan is sufficiently provided:

  • stainless kettle
  • stainless tubular steel heating body
  • stainles probes for controlling the waterposition

Operating areas:

  • active blow-down facility
  • that‘s why you don‘t need distilled water or an extra desalination device

The pump system is selectable and simple screwed on with 4 screws as fundament under the particular steam producer. That‘s why it is possibile to adapt.