Based on the high inquiry for a inexpensive macchine with fully automatic infaltion, we decided to reissue the Vulcan 2011 from the 80s. It has all the advanteges of the before mentioned types, also horizontal with 60% higher power efficiency, certainly with  screw-in heater, like nearly all competitors use and disclaim a big flange opening. The VULCAN BLUE LINE has power, a fast heat time, low energy consumption and will be delivered cpl. with water container, pump with thermal protection and signal.


  • kettle stainless - TÜV proved - made in Germany
  • automatic filling via 2 sensors min/max.
  • electro pump with signal tone
  • water container 10 l
  • easy to refill
  • fast heating

This advanced design was copied by a few in parts, but never with such a high steam production and that less energy costs. Even ironing from big areas, like in the decoration industry, you can only iron fast if you have a lot of steam available. 
Other ironing process need less steam, that’s why other steam producers are drifferent construed at the market. 
Your puchase from us “made in Germany”, produced in Germany and all parts are made within Europe.

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