If you are looking for a fully automatic steam producer, then you came to the right place!
Of course such revolutionising constructions are not developed in one day. After a long period of development we been the pioneer nearly 50 years ago in making the first long-lived  stainless boilers and pushing a TÜV epertise because at that time - there was no regulation and law for stainless steam boilers avaiable.
Totally automatic working - Impulsa VULCAN.

Based on the high inquiry for a inexpensive macchine with fully automatic infaltion, we decided to reissue the Vulcan 2011 from the 80s. It has all the advanteges of the before mentioned types, also horizontal with 60% higher power efficiency, certainly with  screw-in heater, like nearly all competitors use and disclaim a big flange opening. The VULCAN BLUE LINE has power, a fast heat time, low energy consumption and will be delivered cpl. with water container, pump with thermal protection and signal.

All steel body, electrolytic galvanised und powder coated. Boiler out of stainless steel, compl. with big electric pump and 10 l water tank, flooding device fully automatic, but 2 steamjet valves, 3,3  bar.

This new range of products in all steel body, electrolytic galvanised und powder coated. Boiler made of stainless steel, complete with electric pump and 10 l water container, flooding device fully automatic, 1 steam gauge, 3,3 bar.

The steam producer in the most compact construction form consists of a powerful small steam producer. Its performance is the same as the one of “Vulcan Junior”, but is filled up with water manually by an additional hopper. The "Steam Boy” is especially energy-saving because of a flat heater design - the only in his class - heater is also never touching the water - beside the manual model you may now choose the semi-automatic type - made in Germany - 1,8 kW - 230 V AC. Water capacity 7 l (5) D: 24x40x60 cm.

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