Art. No.: 6.374-20 RING

Chainstitch machine - one thread, for fixing rings, with adjustable brackets and the rings are placed manually.

Rollo-Tape-Sewing Machine - 2-Needle-16 mm needle gauge

Art.No.: 6.1000.2N16

Finally we found a solution to sew very ergonomic tapes on tableau curtains - Raff-Rollos.

Unique and new: Blindstitch-Universal-Maschine 813 F

Now you can sew organza with blindstitch!

Blindstitch - for the invisible seam

This machine sews nearly everything - from light fabrics to heavy. A real workhorse to sew your curtains.

High-Power-Blindstitch-Machine 6.241

Made in Germany

With large passage widht of 17 cm for bottom seams on curtains.

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