Chainstitch - with engine, frame and table in a fully sunken ergonomic design

For us the best sewing head in the domain of chainstitch!

Unique with its upper- and lower needle-cooling-system which is not only cooling the needle but is also avoiding warming of the thread ensuring a legendary seam picture.

Double lockstitch - bottom feed and needle feed and top wheel feed - made in Europe.

This speed seamer is fast, intelligent, powerful and makes save seams - oilfree!

The ultimative modern generation of sewing heads!

Speed Seamer with Pullersystem

Intermittent pulling system directly behind the sewing foot, easy switchable, the additional aggregation provides faster sewing. Adjustable for all speed seamers.
The ideal machine to sew flat and neat long seams continuously. 
Precious flat seams on curtains, also for bottom seams and other sewing operations like tape attaching etc.

Speed seamer - bottom feed and / or needle feed with or without puller

6.9000 FAX - 6.9000 FA.RP - 6.9010 FAX - 6.9000 FA.RP

These speed seamers run very quiet and are a perfectly designed working station.
Cpl. with stand and large table 60  cm depth and 20 cm space in front of the needle. The wick lubrication for the hook is the basis for a high speed sewing. The machine takes fine to medium heavy materials and is in this configuration the best value for money. 230V AC.

Tape sewing with lockstitch or chainstitch - available in many widhts!

This tape sewing machine saves time by sewing two working processes in one step - and this at better quality.
This machine is worth the investment at 2 decorations per day!

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