Speed seamer - bottom feed and / or needle feed with or without puller

6.9000 FAX - 6.9000 FA.RP - 6.9010 FAX - 6.9000 FA.RP

These speed seamers run very quiet and are a perfectly designed working station.
Cpl. with stand and large table 60  cm depth and 20 cm space in front of the needle. The wick lubrication for the hook is the basis for a high speed sewing. The machine takes fine to medium heavy materials and is in this configuration the best value for money. 230V AC.

Optional with a synchronous driven, intermittent top wheel system switchable -  fastens the sewing process and gives a better ergonomic performance, because the operator does not need to pull the fabric behind the machine with his left arm. The top wheel feed takes this operation synchronised to the sewing speed on most of the materials.

Lockstitch speed seamer 6.9010 FAX with bottom feed, needle feed,  aut. thread trimming,  needle positioning, backtacking, display to program and save sewing operations. 230 V AC