Art. No.: 6.374-20 RING

Chainstitch machine - one thread, for fixing rings, with adjustable brackets and the rings are placed manually.

Just enter the ring and feed the fabric edge and start. Ring by ring.
Adjustable stitches 8-16-32.
Safety KNOTTING at the end to avoid loose rings (secure stitches)!
From 8-15 rings - other sizes with add. tools available.
Thread cutter. Cpl. with stand and table, motor. 230 V AC.

Lockstitch - automat. ring feeding machine

Art.No.: 6.3307 RINGA

Electronic controlled machine with adjustable stitch length and number of stitches - thread break control device -
fabric guide - secure stitch equipment - (Double-Knotting) - skip stitch sensor
and integrated servo sewing motor drive. Cpl. with table and stand - 230 V AC.