Sewing of french pleats

This is our most advanced machine based on a backtack sewing head with a large sewing field.

  • Folding the pleats automat. either single or tripple
  • Inserting the hooks. Sewing automatically by programm
  • Thread cutter
  • Air operated pleating device
  • just insert the fabric - the pleat will be done exactly - the hook will be setted and the sewing program starts as you request.
  • There is an easy and fast space ranger. Hook by hook will be inserted.
  • Stitch length adjustable from 0,7 to 2,5 mm
  • Needle cooling up to 2700 Stiche/min.

There are different possibilities of sewing: The so-called L-Tack with one or two seams, very much time is saved, nevertheless is hook by hook neatly processed. Hopper for 100 hooks is easy to be filled. Hooks are obtainable at IMPULSA - machine is also suitable for other hooks. Please specify the hook at your order. This is the most time saving machine and offers by using of the automatic folding device very exact and perfect pleats in different depths from 25mm to 35mm and stitching.
Workstation with Servo motor, display, preprogrammed.