A newly developed pleating device

The mechanics are based on a known concept combined with new servo technology for easy adjustable sizes of pleats - single as well as double or so called box pleats.


  • Single pleats
  • Double pleats
  • Pleating of tapes
  • Tilt curtains directlyon top and directly sew your plait onto the band
  • Possibility to choose the plait depth - double plaits are possible up to 100 mm
  • smooth run and less vibration

Start with sewing of the desired stitches, then start the pleating during the sewing and end the sewing operation the same way with seams without pleats. Alternatively start directly with the pleating. During the sewing you can correct with a button to get the desired measure.

  • tape guide from the bottom serial
  • with display - big table - moveable - 230V AC