Pleating - single and double

Art.No. 6.DLR-1502PMR
Programmable machine which creates the pleats and sews with 2-needles, gauge 32 mm.

The working station consists of:

  • 2-needle chainstitch machine with display
  • PLC for easy setting of the number of stitches and the pleat sizes.
  • Tape feeding and sensoring for cutoff by malfunction.
  • The number of stitches of the front pleats and back pleats (doublepleat) are easy to set with the display.
  • A pneum. PIN system helps laying difficult fabrics on the pleads

Delivered cpl. with folding device, stand and Servo motor, 230 V AC.


Art.No. 6.B746-5
Pleating and sewing machine with 4 eccentrics = adjustments for different pleatsizes / types.
Deliverd with a 1-needle machine with big bobbin - stand and motor 230 V AC.
On request delivered with velcro tape feeding from the bottom.