Automatic high-power sewing design for sewing decos and curtains together. The new vaccum technologies redress the problem of the thrust. Computer controlled sewing  for smooth and thrust free sewing together of different webs of cloth. The webs of cloth lying on the top of each other on the sewing table are absolutly fixed by a totally new vaccum technology. Instead of the laborious pushing through of fabrics through the sewing foot by a seamstress the sewing head runs along the cloth. High quality sewing technic from Pegasus.
Pegasus‘ sewing heads belong to the best sewing heads in the whole world and we make, because of a feed behind the needle on these sewing heads, a deflection-free sewing result possible.

Automatic computer controlled high-power sewing automation for hemming side seams as well as union seams.

The sewing automation corresponds in all main components, i.e. driver, control system, vacuum device, to the sewing automation 2100+. The 2200+ is equipped with a high-speed sewing head from any brand which fits to your needs.

5.2400 QFM

The fabric will be simply clamped or fed. 
The software based on a PC is calculating the distancies from pleat to pleat.
Pleats from 10 to 100 mm.


With automatic system by roll-off dancing balancer for all kind of sizes available.
Adjustable for all kind of widths from 400-2000 mm.

Simply choose your sewing head - also other heads or brands can be used according to your requirements.

The roll-off dancing systems are different acording to the sizes of the fabric rolls and their weight.

The picture below shows the biggest version.

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