Automatic high-power sewing design for sewing decos and curtains together. The new vaccum technologies redress the problem of the thrust. Computer controlled sewing  for smooth and thrust free sewing together of different webs of cloth. The webs of cloth lying on the top of each other on the sewing table are absolutly fixed by a totally new vaccum technology. Instead of the laborious pushing through of fabrics through the sewing foot by a seamstress the sewing head runs along the cloth. High quality sewing technic from Pegasus.
Pegasus‘ sewing heads belong to the best sewing heads in the whole world and we make, because of a feed behind the needle on these sewing heads, a deflection-free sewing result possible.

The construction can be used for finely weaved curtains as well as for decos. High productivity is achieved by a fast working method.The sewing time for one line depends on the quality of cloth and is quoted for 3 m; minimum 15 sec.;  maximum 35 sec.

Technical Data
230 V AC and high air pressure necessary.
Size: 405 cm lenght x 190 cm large.
Performance: Up to 80 webs/hr.

Easiest operation
As the using is very easy special educated sewing staff is not necessary and the staff can be introduced easily. The distinct dashboard makes an easy activation of all functions possible.

Automatic functions
Both webs of cloth are just put on the table. The edge-ruler determines the sewing line by moving upwards. The sewing head is stopped automatically by a light barrier as cloth starts.The webs of cloth are now be fixed by the vacuum. The sewing procession starts with pushing the start button. The sewing head now moves automatically to the end of the cloth and is there stopped by a light barrier. The chain thread is cut off automatically. If requested a laser equipment, which shows where the seam proceeds, is deliverable. In case of a back filling meaning a mistake by using the proceeding can easily be stopped.