Automatic computer controlled high-power sewing automation for hemming side seams as well as union seams.

The sewing automation corresponds in all main components, i.e. driver, control system, vacuum device, to the sewing automation 2100+. The 2200+ is equipped with a high-speed sewing head from any brand which fits to your needs.

Compact construction
Extremly favourable are the meausrings of the automation: from 330 cm length of seam /sewing performance with a total length of only 405 cm (width: 190 cm) available up to every requested measuring. Longest built machine up to 2016 was 18,5 m.

Favourable and easy maintenance
The sturdy built machine is running constantly smooth.
Less maintenance charges than by a normal sewing machine.

Different side-hem-apparatus can be delivered as accessories in  the desired widths. Easy to change by a quick mover.