Travelling carriage for the tube hanger 389.6989      8 x ball-beared, silent runner

Travelling carriage car for balancer

We only use a nylon rope balancer which rolls up parallel and not on the top of each other - on the opposite of steel ropes or plastic rope devices these ones dosen‘t stress the wrist and the purses of the ironing person as the others do. The balancer is made of a plastic case instead of a steel case so less weight has to be moved.

Hanger 19.035    for all Atomic 2050 Boiler irons 19.036.1    for all Atomic 2050 Boiler irons, with joint

Special felt 388.551.200     200 cm / rm

Impulsa S-POR 488.561.61       60 cm / lfm 488.561.70       70 cm / lfm 388.561.130    130 cm / lfm

Federlifter 388.658.12     Federlifter

Polyfit cover 489.550.3     150 cm, plain

Polytec cover 489.550.2     140 cm, blunt