That is the idea which solves an old ironing problem. Our construction got patented.

The ironing table GA 3000 Motomat with a motorised fabric feed. This ironing table creates the best conditions for more rational and faster ironing.
It can be easily handled by one person. An indispensible device for the interior decorator.

The problem with ironing of curtains and difficult cloths: Your clients become more demanding and want a high quality window decoration. This is only possible with well ironed curtains. You know the problems connected to this: Where to put the amount of cloth? Where to put the ironed parts without crumbling them again? Continuously a second person is needed for pulling the lengths of cloth onwards over the ironing table. All in all a time-consuming business that you can‘t avoid.
Didn‘t you ask yourself if there is a better solution?

Our solution is simple and clear:
A movable ironing surface, which runs like a feeding tape over two rollers, can be moved with an electric motor.
It moves the fabrics always one by one ironing width. It can‘t really be done more simple!
Another useful advantage: The Impulsa GA 3000 Motomat can be put to the wall and therefore is space-saving. Two IMPULSA-vacuum units ensure the perfect iron effect with the thermostatic controlled table heating.

Technical Data
Total length: 2900 mm - 3500 mm
Total depth: 980 mm
Height of table: 900 mm
Width of ironing surface: 2700 mm - 3300 mm
Length of cloth: as requested

The cloth storage at the front: The crumbled cloth is put in the folding cloth storage at the front. It has a considerable capacity an can store large amounts of cloth. Therefore the cloth is well-stored and can‘t get dirty.

The cloth hollow at the back: The cloth moves over the ironing surface and than runs automatically into the cloth hollow at the back. The cloth folds itself decent together and doesn‘t crumble anymore. If the cloth is ironed it can be collected for putting together.

The operation:
Simple and comfortable you can control the backwards and forwards movements by light barrier as well as by the suction device by foot.
Time is money! - especially by ironing curtains. You can employ your staff more exact, work more rational and you become really more competitive!

  • Put in the cloth at the front
  • short moving
  • Iron and suction curtain on the ironing surface
  • move on
  • ironing off and so on
  • if curtain is ironed off, moved back, scooped and put together, finished!

Motomat GA 3000

  • Cloth collecting storages at the front and back
  • Motoric cloth feed forwards and backwards
  • Extremly strong suction is operated like the cloth feed by the light barrier
  • Soaring construction with silent truck
  • Complete suction tube and coverings, special alu alloy construction (stainless)
  • Exhaust air filter as standard, suction is controlled with button at ironing for better working conditions for your employees
  • Timer for automated suction after steam ironing, saves time and optimizes the result, also switchable while or after ironing