The steam iron is the result of further development of the well known special system „Boiler Iron“ especially for long steam hoses.The advantage of this boiler system is that it can keep about 1/8 l condensate water without loosing water - this result is obtained on a very low temperature, because of the shrinking problem. Up to now there is no second who obtained that. On the opposite to the irons for garments, which are equipped with a steam hose of only about 2,2 m, the iron for curtains has to be able to hold a 4-5 m steam hose or more. Only in this way a nice working place design can be guaranteed and an energy expensive and costly bridge may be avoided.

In our option this is just possible with the boiler system.
We also changed the exhaust of steam.
By ironing garments, the steam exhaust is regulated on the top or by a straight line in the middle. But on hometextile-ironing, it‘s particulary necessary that a larger ironing surface with more steam distribution ensures more effective ironing.
We are be able to work with 60% more steam about 50% faster!

Of course all parts are made of stainless materials which are getting in touch with the steam. The ironer is extremely light, is at diposal of a foamded handle with integrated micro switch.
The temperature is exact because electronically controlled and extremely low for no shrinking on synthetic fabrics and non spitting.

Article-No.     Equipment
10.530 D    ATOMIC 2050 DIGITAL, with IMPULSTRONIC DIGITAL temperature control, cord 5 m, 30 V AC, 1000 W, weight about 1,4 kg,
10.530        ATOMIC 10.530 without digital display, high temperature accurateness but without temperature control
19.019.5    DUOSITT steam hose with teflon sole, cpl with protection from beding and clamps
19.010        electron safety plug
19.055.1    teflon sole with metal edge
19.040        hand protection form the afferent steam, extra large
19.035        bail for suspense appliance
19.036        bail for suspense appliance, turnable