For technical fabrics, bed-linen, curtains, home textiles - and more


  • fabric control
  • horizontal slicing machine
  • adjustable vertical slicing machine
  • 2 dimensionales cutting in a small amound of space - minimal space requirements

Input on Touch Screen TFT monitor is very easy to handle - electronical lenght measurement.
Horizontal blade 200 mm, cutting on left and right side of the fabric.
Automatical, pneumatical clamping bar makes ensures precise cuts.
Cloth pouch transport roller beneath and carrier barrel above the fabric.
Soft start - high speed processing - soft stop.

Available if requested:

Vertical slicing machine 1-12 articles working synchronously to the transprot roller propelled unwind barrel or pull-off dispenser (additional to an unwind bar).
ULTRASONIC cutting unit in X-direction - also optional with circular knife.