2-Dimensional cutting conveyor table. On request also with marking device.

Cutting on a conveyor: Fast and efficient.
Even for fabrics with patterns.
Intended for cutting of fabrics with patterns in a semiautomatic
program - also for single-coloured fabrics with an automatic program.

How is the cloth brought in?
There are 4 options, according to customer requirements:

  • simple bar on ball bearing seat for a cloth roll
  • pull-off dispender
  • dancing rollers for rolls up to Ø 20cm
  • dancing rollers for rolls up to Ø 60cm, complete with edge control

Via dancing rollers, the fabric will be balanced and placed almost tensionless on the conveyor.
A laser facilitates the placement and adjustment of the fabric.

Then the fabric will be driven to the 2nd laser line, which is equivalent to the cutting line.
Check the patten and start the cut by touching the button - then the conveyor runs automatically to the next cut according to the inserted measurement.
If you have pattens you are asked to cut first the pattern distances, before you cut the next panel.
If you have plain fabric without pattens, you may run in automatic modus and the machine cuts panel by panel.

Cutter YD - selvage cutting
On request there are 2 adjustable cutters in Y-direction available, for cutting the selvage in the same transaction - without additional effort.
Art. 5.2500.YC

Cutter 3M - Marking device
On request there are marking devices, for example marking ribbons, at once.
Art.Nr.: 5.2500.M