Cutting optional with laser with or without round blade

Main features:

  • Max effective cutting width of fabrics: 250 to 500 cm
  • Max effective cutting length of fabrics: up to 20 m
  • Height of the workinglevel: 100 cm and changeable on request
  • Automatic embroidery and drawing system of the continuing fabrics without an operater   
  • Cutting system with interpolated axes using blades
  • Integrated PC station for calculating the fabrics, archiving of the production types and the network connection
  • CAD for the creation of cutting patterns, optimization of the fabric cutting
  • The exclusive "Exactor" video system with camera allows to cut the patterns with optimal centering of the fabric's design.
  • Bar code reader
  • Remote service support via internet
  • Scans old cutting patterns
  • Projection of the cutting patterns

Impressive cutting results:

  • White remains white
  • We leave brown edges to the competitors
  • Optimized cooling system from below through a rust-proof honeycomb grid
  • Optimized cooling system from above
  • Know-how of more than 15 years in building of laser cutting machines for highest quality requirements
  • Perfect vaccum system to fix the materials for cutting results ≤ 1mm diagonal

Take-off the cloth to be cut

As shown in the image, the material can easily be taken off from the roll - automatically. On request we can deliver the equipment up to 5 m width, also with a conveyor made out of a rust-proof "honeycomb grid". Our consultant engineer is looking forward to provide advice to you.