I To sew webs of cloth together

This can be done with 2-needle 5-thread machine with additional safety seam. With this universal machine you can also work as 1-needle 3-thread machine - overedging / overlocking - with special component set - stiching on lead ball-band - with special component set - working down-hemming. The component sets are changeable within seconds. Alternatively there is the 2-needle 4-thread machine producing a perfect elastic seam while sewing webs of cloth together and also overlocking is possible with this machine.

II Overlocking / Overedging

See here (Link missing)

III Down hemming / Narrow edge seaming

The sewing arm can be changed within seconds and is a perfect completion.

IV Sewing on lead ball band

The leadballband component set can be used with the 1-needle 3-thread, 2-needle 4-thread machine or the 2-needle 5-thread machine - the pull-off and feeding device will also
be delivered.

V Curtain weights bind and attach

Special machine wich is not convertable. With the additional binding adjustment the curtain weights can be bound and hemed. Contrary to the models 1-4 this machine can only be used for the application area bounding and stitching.