I To sew webs of cloth together

This can be done with 2-needle 5-thread machine with additional safety seam. With this universal machine you can also work as 1-needle 3-thread machine - overedging / overlocking - with special component set - stiching on lead ball-band - with special component set - working down-hemming. The component sets are changeable within seconds. Alternatively there is the 2-needle 4-thread machine producing a perfect elastic seam while sewing webs of cloth together and also overlocking is possible with this machine.

Sewing Lamp - halogen bulb

Bright, widely spread light, adjustable. Lamp bracket, dust- and spray protected device, locked with screws, revolver foot.
20 W, 12 V two-pin halogen bulb.

Sewing Lamp * Cold Light * New *

Bright, intense light for sewing, illuminating without throwing shadows and without causing thermal stress or dazzling the eyes.
Maximum brightness in the center, decreasing outwardly. Mounting set with fixation. Power consumption only 5 W.

Sewing Lamp - 90 % energy saving!

Safe money with the new sewing lamps with LEDs. Power consumption only 1 W.

Sewing different fabrics means changing spools and yarns a lot – and also annoying, time wasting searching.


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